Perfection is Overrated

Raise your hand if you know exactly who you are and your life is perfect (pause for hand raising).... ok, so if you are sitting there grinning at your screen with your hand raised, this blog post isn’t for you. Now, for the rest of us, sitting there wondering if anyone raised their hand, because we didn't, please continue reading.

Life is a beautifully imperfect journey for which there is no road map or GPS. Why? Because people are not perfect, no one, ever, especially not those that claim to be perfect. And that's the great thing about life, we're all imperfect and trying our best to navigate through life while balancing the pressures and demands the world often imposes. Today, more than ever, there is unbelievable pressure to be the best, to have the newest everything, and to make the most money.

We are constantly bombarded with images of so-called perfection that make us question our lives, happiness, and own value. But really, I think the path to happiness and living a full life is to stop trying to be everything to everyone, just be YOU. That's the only person you are meant to be, and you are the most perfect version of you, flaws and all, because you are the only YOU. We are, each of us, our own unique masterpiece and it's time to embrace that.

Getting to Know Yourself is essential to being happy and finding direction. Most of the time we tend to conform to the ideals placed upon us, who others think we should be and what they think we should want. But trust me, some day, when all of those people have moved on to something else, you will still be YOU, so why not build a life that YOU want, be the person you want to be. Take a look in the mirror (ladies, do this with no makeup on, I mean it), see yourself, and ask yourself who are you really? If you are who you want to be, great; if not, that's also great because the fact is each day is a brand new opportunity. While you're looking in the mirror, be sure to tell yourself 3 things you love about you, this is best as a daily exercise.

Part of getting to know yourself means taking some time to really think about what you like, and don't like as well as what you need. In this modern era of instant everything we have become fearful of introspection and quiet, but they are the keys to simplicity and peaceful happiness. We readily take time to criticize and judge ourselves, but almost never take the time to praise ourselves. Just starting each day with a positive affirmation can change your entire outlook and generates positive energy without even trying.

This takes time... life is not a movie or a short story solved in 2 hours or less, getting to truly know yourself takes time and patience. It also means accepting that over time, you change. Goals that were once everything to you, in time may become less important, this is because each interaction and experience you have helps shape who you are. As people, we are not static, but instead changing and evolving entities.

Ultimately, true happiness and joy come from within.