The Transforming Power of Self-Love

I find I talk a lot about self love, so I thought I’d spend a little time sharing why it means so much to me and why it has an incredible, transformative power.

Many people confuse self love with pride, ego, self-centeredness, or even selfishness. But it is none of those things. Self love is about accepting yourself just as you are, right now. Whether you feel like you’ve got it all together or like you never will, without doing or changing anything, YOU are amazing!!

Why? Because you are one of a kind, the only YOU there will ever be, how unique and amazing is that? This is where self love comes in... it’s so easy to find fault with ourselves but I find so many women struggle to find beauty with themselves.

We judge ourselves based on relationships, appearance, weight, clothes, hair (don’t even get me started about hair), and a million other things. But why? There is so much negativity and judgement in the world, pressure to be, have or look the best, but what happens if you tune all that out? Something incredible happens.

Look in the mirror, see YOU, maybe your hair is messy, you have freckles, wrinkles, you name it! See what is beautiful in all of it! Start loving those freckles simply because they are a part of you. Those gray hairs... you’ve earned every one of them, and they are beautiful too, because they are yours!

So start off each day reminding yourself 2 new things you LOVE about YOU! And each night before you sleep, end your day by being grateful for YOU, just as you are.