Monthly Challenges

Each month we provide a new monthly challenge to help guide you, step-by-step through different topics and strategies to help you create the life you want. What makes a challenge different from a bundle? Accountability! That’s right, with the monthly challenge, you join all the other awesome, Strong(her) Woman who’ve joined the challenge, too! You also get extra support from the weekly video chats and check ins. If you’re ready to start reaching your goals, then the monthly challenge is for you.

Did you know that visualizing a goal makes it statistically more likely that you will achieve that goal? While you may be thinking, “Visualize? I picture my goals all the time, it doesn’t seem to make a difference.” Visualization is different. It’s about using deliberate, guided thoughts to help you start taking the steps you need to make your goals happen. Visualizing helps boost confidence, strengthen the positive emotional outlook on reaching your goal and motivates you to reach it. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

If you’re new here, or want to go back through a prior month’s challenge that you loved, access previous monthly challenges here!

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