Making Time for You

7 Minutes to Start Making More Time for You!

Welcome to the Strong(her) You Podcast! I’m your host Diane, founder of A Strong(her) You and the Strong(her) Woman Members Club.

I founded A Strong(her) You because as an entrepreneur and a woman I found a lack of resources to connect amazing women with one another. I knew that we needed an amazing online community that was custom built just for women, to help us network, build each other up and support one another towards reaching our goals.

So why did I decide to focus only on women?

Nothing against you guys, but: every woman I connect with in my personal or business life had 3 things in common:

  1. They were balancing multiple roles in their life’s.

  2. They put everyone else first, before themselves.

  3. They all felt like no-one else understood the challenges they were going through.

The good news is WE DO UNDERSTAND and they’re actually millions of women all over the world feeling the exact same way. So let’s work together and support one another on this journey of finding balance and creating our best lives possible.

What we’ll cover in these podcasts:

In these Podcasts, I will cover topics and strategies to help you reach your goals make more time for you and start living a more balanced fulfilled live.

From time to time I’ll also bring you interviews with amazing women who’ve achieved amazing things in their lives. They’ll share their inspirational stories and help show you how you too can unlock the incredible talent and strength that you already have.

Above all else, I hope you come to think of this as YOUR TIME because everything in this space has been custom tailored to help you connect, find balance and make time for you.

Let’s get started with our topic for today: Making time for you.

Making Time For You

Let’s get started with our topic for today: Making time for you.

You may be thinking: “That sounds a little selfish.“ or that there’s no way that you can make time in your day for anything else. But you absolutely can!

Making time for yourself is essential to finding balance in our lives. Everyone is different and what helps one person find balance won’t work for another. That’s okay! The idea is to create a new habit of deliberately choosing to put yourself first on a regular basis.

For me personally, I started out learning the importance of making time for myself when a friend had recommended a book to me. I was dying to read it but I felt like I had no time! I was frustrated and I was discouraged and I felt like my time wasn’t even my own anymore. So I set out to find a way to create this time for myself.

That’s when I discovered audiobooks! I found that I could listen to the books I wanted to read while in the car and since I had a long stressful commute, I had plenty of time in the car! I started to fall in love and quickly started moving through all the books that I never thought I’d get to. I also started to notice that I felt less stressed, I was more focused, more positive and I even started looking forward to my drive each day.

I know now that I found this time because I set out to create it for myself. To help nurture myself and to find balance. And I know that you can do it too!

So what I’ve done is made it easy for you and I broke it down into 3 steps that you can start taking today to make more time for you.

3 Steps to make more time for you:

Step 1: Schedule a date with YOU

Pick a day, pick a time and put it on your calendar. Stick to that time no matter what! Time for you is just as important as everything else you schedule so take a minute, schedule your date and you’re on your way. Make sure too, that everyone else around you knows that that time is off limits, it’s time that’s just for you. Even if it’s just 5 minutes, you have to start somewhere.

Step 2: Keep it Simple

Learning to make time for yourself is a change, it’s a change in your mindset and your behavior and change takes time. It’s okay to start small and actually, you’re better off to start small here because it gives you the best chance of success and makes bringing this change into your life more attainable. Maybe your first session of ME time is just taking a 10 min walk or listening to a guided meditation for three minutes. It doesn’t matter, anything you can do to hit the pause button and take a little time for your is the key.

Step 3: Stay with it

Even though it will be easier on some days and much harder on others consistency is the key. You have to be consistent to make a meaningful positive change in your life. On average it takes most people 21 days to fully incorporate a new behavior or pattern into their lives, so you have to be patient with yourself, but also hold yourself accountable. Remind yourself why you’re doing this: you’ve made a commitment to a more balanced positive you.

I promise you that all the effort is worth it. The hardest step is the first one, so once you’ve taken in you’ve already achieved something amazing!

So go ahead and take these three steps and give them a try. Make time to invest in you and commit to creating a more balanced positive lifestyle for yourself.

As always feel free to share your progress over on our Facebook Page. As we wrap up today I leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power.“

I always find this so empowering because it’s a daily reminder that each new day is a brand new opportunity to start making a change and a positive impact on my life. I hope that you’ll find this inspirational as well.

Thank you so much for spending some of your time with me I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode and I look forward to seeing you next time.